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Mela {Romantic Movie} - Dilip Kumar - Nargis | Classic Bollywood Film | Old Hindi Movies

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    Movie : Mela(1948)
    Cast : Dilip Kumar... Mohan
    Nargis Dutt ... Manju
    Roop Kamal
    Baby Zubeida
    Director : S.U Sunny
    IMDb : 7.3/10
    Genre : Drama | Family | Romance
    Audio Language : Hindi
    Sybopsis : Manju lives in the village with her father, a school teacher and step-mother. Mohan (Dilip Kumar) and Manju (Nargis) live in the same village and are friends since childhood. The friendship develops into love and they are both excited about their wedding. Mohan decides to go into town to buy jewelry for the marriage. On the way he is robbed and becomes unconscious, with his injuries landing him in hospital.
    Mehkoo (Jeevan), is a no-good retired from the army man, who lusts after one of the young village girls. He is influential with Manju's stepmother and, with her by his side he calls the village panchayat. Here, he denounces Mohan as a cad who has run way with a girl, telling them that he won't return for the marriage. Since the wedding day has been fixed, the panchayat agrees with Mehkoo that Manju should get married on the day decided. A supposedly suitable groom is found for Manju, who turns out to be a seventy-year-old sickly man. When he enters the wedding chamber, he finds that Manju is too young to be his bride. Remorseful, he asks for forgiveness, but pleads with her to care of his children. Manju takes on the role of the old man's wife. The man dies, with Manju now left a young widow in charge of the children.
    One night in stormy weather, she goes out to meet Mohan, and is killed when she falls off a cliff. Mehkoo and other villagers arrive to convict Mohan of murdering Manju. Mohan says nothing in his defense and is sentenced to twenty years imprisonment. On release from jail, Mohan goes to the same place where Manju had died. He sees her spirit, who beckons him to follow her. As he does, he falls off the cliff edge and dies.
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